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Base Coat/Clear Coat painting, Glo's 8 Step how to get that perfect glossy finish.....

 1) Remove or tape off any windows or non-painted trimming on the vehicle. Anything that you do not want to be the same color of the car when you are done should be removed to avoid accidentally spraying them with paint. 

 2)Strip off the old paint in the places that need it. You can do this by using paint remover or by simply sanding all of it off the      vehicle. If the paint is good, then you only need to sand it with 360 grit sand paper. You should be down to bare metal when you are done.

 3) Spray only the places that you fixed with primer. No exposed surface that you plan to paint should be left  Un-Primed. Let the surface dry completely before you begin painting.

4) Wipe down the entire surface. You can use a painting prep solvent to remove any grease, wax or oils on it.

5) Spray the entire surface with your base coat paint. Hold the sprayer 6"-10" from the surface and spray in smooth and level strokes, overlapping strokes by about 50 percent. Check the paint manufacturer's instructions about drying times before sanding.

 6) Wet-sand the base coat until you get a smooth finish. This may not be a good idea for a metallic color because it could remove metallic flakes from the base coat.

7) Spray the entire surface with your clear coat paint. Let it dry completely before sanding

8) Use a buffer and buffing compound. Polish your clear coat and make your paint job shine.